Wondering about bleeding in pregnancy

Wondering about bleeding in pregnancy

Wondering about bleeding in pregnancy

Does bleeding occur during pregnancy?

Yes, vaginal bleeding may occasionally occur during pregnancy. Although some hemorrhages are considered insignificant, in some cases, bleeding in pregnancy may indicate serious problems.

bleeding in pregnancy
Bleeding in pregnancy

What are the causes of bleeding in pregnancy?

In the first weeks of pregnancy, depending on the placement and growth of the gestational sac, which we call attachment bleeding, bleeding may sometimes occur in the form of spotting and sometimes similar to menstrual bleeding. In the later stages of pregnancy, we see more bleeding due to placental problems. Bleeding may also occur in the case of a placenta located around the cervix. Bleeding is also observed if the placenta is removed early due to trauma and high blood pressure during pregnancy. Abnormal cord (umbilical cord) at the entrance to the placenta anomalies may also cause bleeding. For example, vaginal bleeding may occur as the vessels in the cord are attached to the amniotic membrane and if these membranes rupture, they will bleed.

When does bleeding occur in pregnancy?

Bleeding in pregnancy can be seen in every period, but it is mostly observed in the near periods of delivery and in the early periods when the gestational sac tries to hold on.

What should be done if bleeding occurs during pregnancy?

When bleeding occurs during pregnancy, treatment modalities vary depending on the period of pregnancy and the cause of the bleeding. If bleeding occurs in the first few weeks, bleeding and medication often regress significantly. If bleeding occurs due to the placenta or umbilical cord during the last period of pregnancy, pregnancy may need to be terminated. In the case of placenta previa, where the placenta is located close to the cervix, delivery can be initiated after resting until the baby is sufficiently large in cases of low bleeding.

Does bleeding during pregnancy harm the baby?

Adhesion bleeding in the first weeks does not cause any harm to the baby; however, bleeding due to serious problems during pregnancy, decrease in gestational sac, or recent placental and cord-related bleeding may lead to decrease and death of the blood leading to the baby. Therefore, if any bleeding occurs during pregnancy, it is recommended to consult a doctor and take the necessary precautions.